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Republicans for Environmental Protection (REP America), REP America , Republicans for Environmental Protection, (2010)


We are Republicans. We share a deep concern for the environment.

We know that a healthy environment and a sound economy are both essential to our nation’s prosperity.
We believe that by working together, we can preserve both our environment and our economy
for current and future generations of Americans.

We Want:
Clean air and water
Food free from harmful chemicals
Clean, efficient businesses & industries
A high quality of life in our cities & rural communities
Strong, results-oriented enforcement of environmental laws
Economic development for communities without the ravages of sprawl
High priority for funding of natural resource stewardship & environmental protection
Protection for posterity of our national parks, forests, wildlife refuges, wild lands & waters
Effective legal protection for threatened & endangered plants & animals in their native habitats

We support and vote for Republican elected officials and candidates who share these values and concerns.

Riverkeeper - NY's Clean Water Advocate, Riverkeeper , Riverkeeper - NY's Clean Water Advocate, (2010)


Riverkeeper is an independent, member-supported environmental organization founded on the premise that citizens themselves must roll up their sleeves to defend our waterways.

Riverkeeper’s mission is to protect the ecological integrity of the Hudson River and its tributaries, and to safeguard the drinking water supply of New York City and the lower Hudson Valley.

See: Gas Driling - Fracking photos on their Flickr site.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. tells the Colorado Oil and Gas Association that Wind and Solar Plants are Gas Plants, Adams, Rod , Atomic Insights Blog, (2010)



On July 8, 2010, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gave a lunchtime speech at Energy Epicenter, the annual conference of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association. That speech provides a number of insights that are useful to those who are concerned about energy issues, concerned about the environment, and interested in the activities of power brokers who stand to make a great deal of money if important energy decisions favor their particular industry.

I wonder what he tells his ardent supporters in the environmental community who have been taught to believe that wind and solar energy are actually replacing fossil fuels? Does he tell them that utility scale wind and solar installations are simply a means to shift some of the market demand and profits away from the coal industry and to natural gas suppliers? Does he mention just how much natural gas is produced by the same large multinational companies that import most of our foreign oil and who pay little in the way of US taxes?

See: Crimes against nature: how George W. Bush and his corporate pals are plundering the country and high-jacking our democracy

Seeing Red in Hungary | The Secrets of the Sludge, Dragoman, Gyorgy , The New York Times, (2010)

The Opinion Pages


A Hungarian soldier, wearing protective gear, cleans a house flooded by toxic mud in Devecser, Hungary, Thursday, Oct. 7, 2010. (AP Photo/Bela Szandelszky)

Red tire marks line the roads leading up to the extinct Somlo volcano, home to Hungary’s smallest wine region and only a few miles from the worst environmental disaster in the country’s history.

It has been almost two weeks since a concrete dam holding back millions of gallons of toxic sludge burst, sweeping two villages along with it and killing nine people. The fields are still red, eerily outlined in chalky white — the gypsum that emergency crews used to try to neutralize the caustic grime...

...What exactly is this sludge stored in reservoirs across this part of Hungary by the hundreds of millions of cubic feet?

...The sinister sound of the sludge sloshing around the edge of the shovel blade lingers in the ear, and makes the initial lack of reliable information more painful.

Soon after the spill, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences declared that the red sludge was nontoxic. The chief executive of MAL went on camera to say it was a completely harmless substance, that it could simply be washed away with water.

They were quickly proved wrong. The first responders suffered severe burns; apparently no one warned them that the sludge had a pH of 13, as caustic as lye.

The gap between the official statements and the reality of people dying seemed to widen the crack in the wall. For many, it brought to mind the time, thought long past, when so much of life in Hungary was defined by rumors and lies, when everything was a game of pretend and make-believe.

See: Onshore Drilling Disasters Waiting to Happen: An Interview With 'Gasland' Director Josh Fox | The Nation

Shaleshock, Shaleshock , Shaleshock, (2010)


Shaleshock Action Alliance is a movement that works toward protecting our communities and environment from exploitative gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale region.

Shaleshock is an alliance of Working Groups which include people who have signed leases, not signed leases, who have been compulsorily integrated, and people who don't own land.

See: A collection of websites and listservs edited by Shaleshock.


See: Updated Calendar of Events For New York and Pennsylvania.

See: Driling 101 - background information on hydraulic fracturing.


Sierra Club Finger Lakes Group Gas Information Page, Sierra Club , Sierra Club, (2010)


Sierra Club Finger Lakes Group Gas Information Page.

Website includes Editorial by Gene Stolfi, Winter 2009. "Marcellus Shale —To Drill or Not To Drill?" Finger Lakes Group ExCom, Steuben Environmental Management Council

This web page includes links to scientific background information, Documents of Interest: "MSDS Data Sheets from NYS DEC for 48 Fracking Chemicals used in NY".

See Sierra Club Allegheny Group.

Spectra Energy Watch, Spectra Energy Watch , Spectra Energy Watch, (2010)


Pennsylvania based blog covering many of the economic and ethical impacts of gas drilling for the people who are living with it.

We are among a group of property owners who have had the dual experience of receiving royalties from gas wells, then having our property rights seized for an underground natural gas storage field in the depleted gas wells.

This became a transformative two-year fight for our rights against eminent domain actions launched by Texas-based Spectra Energy Corporation, a natural gas storage company, and backed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

It is not a level playing field legally, economically or ethically for private property owners.  Our fight led to the development of this website which focuses specifically on property rights that come under pressure from energy and utility companies.

See: Landman Report Card

See: What Landowners Need to Know About Oil and Gas Wells

Splashdown!, Splashdown aka Korell, Karen , Splashdown!, (2010)


Lively blog by Karen Korell that included over 340 items and 119 items that mention the word "landowners". For example, Google this phrase to see an index of all articles on Splashdown! that mention the word landownders:

<landowners site: >.

Pennsylvania based website includes videos and activist anti-facking links.

Splashdown's author, Karen Korell, died August 30, 2010.

See this page by Peacegirl.

In Memoriam: Karen Korell


Updated frequently. (I will miss you. Neil Zusman 2010-09-11.) Pennsylvania based website includes videos and activist anti-facking links. Updated frequently. Passionate, opinionated and truthful.

See Splashdown posting by Chris Hedges, "Clean Energy and Poisoned Water", May 25, 2009.

Chris Hedges is a senior fellow at The Nation Institute in New York City. He spent nearly two decades as a foreign correspondent in Central America, the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans. He has reported from more than 50 countries and has worked for The Christian Science Monitor, National Public Radio, The Dallas Morning News and The New York Times, for which he was a foreign correspondent for 15 years. He is a columnist for Truthdig.


Sustainable Otsego, Sustainable Otsego , Sustainable Otsego, (2010)


Sustainable Otsego is a loose, minimally structured network of local activists and supporters who seek to promote sustainable practices in the rural Leatherstocking region focused on Cooperstown and Otsego County, New York. Its' listserv provides a forum for the discussion of sustainability issues.

Includes links to expert opinions, products and chemicals fact sheets and current events.

Switchboard, from NRDC :: Amy Mall's Blog :: Tags: hydraulicfracturing, Mall, Amy , Switchboard, from NRDC :: Amy Mall's Blog, (2010)


Amy Mall. Switchboard. Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).


Articles tagged hydraulicfracturing posted by Amy Mall, Senior Policy Analyst, Boulder, Colorado in "Health and the Environment".

"NRDC’s Land Program is dedicated to protecting our nation’s wildest places and most valuable wildlife habitat from irresponsible industrial development."

See: "Today's reports of spills from natural gas operations", 3/18/2010.

See also: Mall, A., S. Buccino, and J. Nichols. “Drilling down: Protecting western communities from the health and environmental effects of oil and gas production.” National Resources Defense Council. (October 2007). (PDF 48 pages, 13.7 MB.)