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Energy in Depth is an oil and natural gas industry informational site.

Since June of 2010, this has been the place to read the rebuttal to Josh Fox's documentary Gasland.

"We’ve spent some time over the past couple months taking a critical look at some of the key assertions made in the HBO documentary Gasland, putting forth in that time two separate rebuttal documents that we believe address in a substantive way a number of the misconceptions upon which the film, and its broader political message, is based.

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See:  Nora Eisenberg. AlterNet. July 23, 2010.  Exposing the Natural Gas Industry's Attempt to Silence Its Critics

Natural gas companies, according to the director of the documentary film 'Gasland,' Josh Fox, are 'shameless and have immense resources to pay for spin.'
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About Energy in Depth:

"Who We Are: America’s natural gas and oil producers – the majority of which are small, independent businesses with less than 12 employees- are committed to strengthening America through the safe, responsible and environmentally-friendly development of domestic energy resources."

See extensive press-releases and archived press-releases reacting to environmental pressure, presenting the arguments of industry in favor of fracking the Marcelus Shale.


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See: Drilling Isn't Safe.