Gas Drilling Discussion (Suggested Agenda for) : Biblical and Theological Considerations, Beach Lake United Methodist Church , Beach Lake United Methodist Church, (2010)


Statement by the National Council of Churches of Christ (2008). A Call for Faithful Stewardship of God’s Creation: Reflections on Natural Gas Drilling and Leasing. National Council of Churches in Christ. Published by Beach Lake United Methodist Church, Beach Lake, PA.

Beach Lake United Methodist Church.  Located in Beach Lake, Pennsylvania, near the New York Catskills.

"Biblical and theological considerations are commended to everyone, whether or not they have been approached about a gas lease and regardless of whether they have signed one.  People are encouraged to think as broadly as possible and learn all they can in order to make the best possible decisions in the future.

Purpose:  To involve church members, wherever in the United States gas drilling is operative or proposed, in biblical and theological dialogue, in order to equip and motivate them to engage in discussions and decisions in their respective communities."