Incite: An independent advocate for the environment. | Gas Pains, Williams, Ted , Audobon Magazine, (2010)


Ted Williams.  Audubon. Jan/Feb. 2010. "Incite".

"...So deficient is the draft that it drew sharp criticism even from the laconic U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA says the draft ignores or glosses over: cumulative impacts, threats to the Catskill reservoirs that supply nine million people in and around New York City with untreated drinking water, maintenance of wastewater pits, threats to air quality, health risks of frack-water flowback, impacts on aquatic ecosystems from water withdrawals, and dangers to Important Bird Areas, which sustain all the forest-interior birds threatened by ongoing fragmentation in Pennsylvania."


To follow Marcellus gas development and learn how to help control it, go to these websites: PennFUTURE,, Pinchot Institute for Conservation, and Penn State College of Agricultural Science’s Cooperative Extension.