New York State Attorney General: Oil & Gas Leases: Landowners’ Rights, New York State Attorney General , (2010)


Office of the Attorney General, New York State. Eric Schneiderman.

Oil and Gas Leases: Land Owner Rights and Land Owner Tips.

Problems with Landmen

Misleading or Misunderstood Statements

1. “Your property will [or won’t] be in the unit.”

2. “This is the standard lease, and it’s not negotiable”.

3. “All your neighbors have signed, and you’re the sole person holding everything up”.

4. “Don’t you want to receive $X every month”?

5. “If you don’t sign, we’ll take the gas from your property without paying you”.

Feeling Under Pressure? Consider the Following:

1. Obtain the full name, address, and telephone number of both the landman and the business they represent.

2. Direct the landman to leave the property and to not return or contact you again.

See: Jon Campbell. Star-Gazette. Nov. 7, 2010. "Attorney General-elect Schneiderman staunchly opposes hydraulic fracturing."

Eric Schneiderman, a Democrat who handily defeated Republican gas-drilling supporter Dan Donovan on Tuesday, has said he will sue to stop the controversial drilling process of hydraulic fracturing -- until it is proven safe -- and aggressively go after drillers who break the rules."