Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) Members' Blogs and Websites

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Society of Environmental Journalists (2011)






A list of blogs by members of the Society of Environmental Journalists covering the environment.

The mission of the Society of Environmental Journalists is to strengthen the quality, reach and viability of journalism across all media to advance public understanding of environmental issues.

SEJ provides critical support to journalists of all media in their efforts to cover complex issues of the environment responsibly.

Society of Environmental Journalists Selected Blogs

Coal Tattoo
Ken Ward Jr. of The Charleston Gazette writes about mining's mark on our world.


How to Boil a Frog
Jon Cooksey's funny treatment of the Big Picture — global warming, peak oil, overpopulation, shrinking resources, income inequality — reflects the personal, populist tone and broad scope of his upcoming theatrical docu-comedy of the same name.


Andrew Revkin's Dot Earth and more.
New York Times man Revkin blogs at Dot Earth about climate change, the environment and sustainability; at Amazon on global warming; and also talks to kids via this NYT global warming website.