U.S. Energy Development Corporation, U.S. Energy Development Corporation , U.S. Energy Development Corporation | Strive for Excellence, (2010)

Meadville, Pa. —The Department of Environmental Protection has issued a cease and desist order to U.S. Energy Development Corp. of Getzville, N.Y., for persistent and repeated violations of environmental laws and regulations.

The order prohibits the company from conducting all earth disturbance, drilling and hydro-fracturing operations throughout Pennsylvania.

The 302 violations that serve as the basis for the order were documented over a period of two years, beginning in August 2007.

Buffalo News. "Protesters picket company looking to drill in Allegany State Park". Apr 16, 2010.

AMHERST -- About 50 protesters demonstrated this afternoon in front of the headquarters of the company that wants to drill for oil in Allegany State Park.

The demonstrators, most of whom were college-age, spoke out against U.S. Energy Development Corp.'s proposal to harvest gas and oil from mineral deposits below sections of the park.

U.S. Energy Development Corporation is "one of the largest drillers in both New York and Pennsylvania."